What if I DGAP?

Are you ready to sign up for the competitive division? Or are you going compete for a personal best in the DGAP (don’t give a poop) wave? If you’re still undecided, here’s some information we hope won’t leave you muddled.

If you or your team are in it to win it, be sure to enter the Competitive (Trophy) Division. Demonstrate your strength, speed, agility and grit as you race for the best time. All who participate in this Prize Category participants MUST wear BOOTS that cover the ankle and loose-fitting pants, cargo pants or sweat-pants (combat boots and camouflage utility trousers are best in keeping with the race’s military tradition) and are required to attempt each obstacle three times before moving on. The Competitive Team Division has teams of 2 or 5 depending on how your register.  If you register for a team of 5 and you do not have 5 participants you will not qualify for the competitive division and the team would be disqualified for a trophy.  We also have an individual male and female competitive race.

If your in it more for the fun, personal challenge, then DGAP (Recreational Division) is for you.… any attire goes (we suggest boots and pants since terrain is rough). The course is exactly the same, but the rules have changed. There is no dress code, although you must be dressed. You can wear anything you want, form up in any group size, wear tennis shoes, wear shorts, or costumes. In DGAP Division, you only need to attempt each obstacle once before you are able to move on to the next one. Recreational teams can be of any size but the team must cross the finish line together with no more than 15 seconds between the first and last person to cross. 

Unless you are in the military special forces, a professional athlete or a superhero, the Recreational (DGAP) Division will still be plenty challenging!