Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Whether you wear a fluffy, purple wig and a string of pearls, or full-on military garb, there are a few ways you can accessorize your get up to make the go a little easier.

  • Wear ankle length socks tightly. Fellas, sopping wet, argyle knee-highs look good at school, but here they’ll only weigh you down.
  • Tie your shoes tight enough that you can’t slip them off, but not so tight that they end up hurting. You may be disqualified if you leave one behind in The Bog- shoes are required on this course. Wear your oldest running shoes and cut a slit (just big enough to slip a quarter through) on each side of the mesh up near the toe-box so water and mud can flow out.
  • Pants or shorts that have a drawstring or can be worn with a belt (or suspenders!) are best in saving the full moons for night time. Unless you’re a plumber, keep UP with a tight pair of compression shorts instead of yoga pants!
  • Though it seems hopeless, don’t skip the sunscreen. Lather on a good amount long enough in advance of the start so it may absorb before taking your first dive.
  • Here’s MUD in your eye! If you’re at least one score above blindness without them, leave your contacts at home with your wedding ring. Once a grain of dirt gets in (and it will) you’ll be wishing you had your 8th grade corrective specs back.
  • In preparation for the race, lubricate your hair with conditioner! This allows the mud to slip out of your hair easily during your post-race rinse cycle. Not to mention you might just get that luscious look you’ve always wanted.