MS & MUD RUN Make A Great Team

Multiple Sclerosis interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops people from moving. What better opportunity to embrace our health, push hard through a challenge, and advance toward a finish line free of this disabling disease?

The National MS Society and Mud Run have partnered together to create a unique fundraising event for MS. Navigating through mud is certainly not the same challenge as living with MS, but it is a perfect metaphor for the challenges that those with MS face every day. They don’t know what tomorrow may bring any more than a Mud Run participant knows what they will face next as they take on the course.


Helping the MS Community

Money generated from the Mud Run MS directly helps people with MS in your local community. By doing a Mud Run, you and your friends make things happen, NOW! For example, the heat of summer can intensify some symptoms of MS, and certain Chapters have created opportunities that provide portable air conditioners to those who suffer.

The National MS Society offers the resources and support people living with MS need to move forward with their lives and donations from this event help fund a variety of these local programs and services. If you want to have fun while helping to fund critical research to STOP the disease in its tracks, RESTORE function that has been lost, and END the disease forever, then LET’S GET DIRTY!

Some adventure races have a limited audience due to the extreme fitness levels involved, but Mud Run MS provides an opportunity for people of all skills to join in the muddy fun for a great cause. So, rally your friends and family to Register Now! You will make a huge difference in the lives of people living with MS while having a great time—getting dirty!