May is National Military Appreciation Month!

In May of 1999, the Senate first passed a resolution designating May as National Military Appreciation Month. This means that for the entire month, Americans are encouraged to recognize and honor U.S. service members during this month. Some ways you can take part and recognize your service men and women are;

  1. Fly the flag on your home, car or business… or your legs?
  2. Visit a veteran’s hospital, or send notes and cards to hospitalized vets.
  3. Register for The Original Mud Run like DFW and St. Louis did!

Combined over 7,000 of you PLAYED DIRTY with us and as you know The Original Mud Run series serves as a fundraiser for the National MS Society. But we also utilize awesome volunteers from groups like the Young Marines to support their mentoring program. How better to support tremendous causes and be a part of your local military then to experience first-hand a boot-camp style course designed by the Marines? After all, the Original Mud Run is a combination of regular citizens, Civil Servants, company teams, colleges and some military personnel all competing together!

Register Now, or Volunteer!