It's Reality Jersey Shore!

Mud Run Liberty Is Hitting The Northeast In Less Than a Month!

You don’t have to spray-tan to acquire the illustrious skin tone Snooki has mastered for years. You only need to visit to register and start raising money for MS research like Tobias Schraven who has collected $5,300 in contributions to date!

Are you more likely to make the headlines by partaking as a group like Vinny, Ronnie and the Situation? Then, register as a team and work together to raise $5,400 like Mud Run Liberty’s 2011 team, MUDSLINGERS. From the website, you can easily set up Online Fundraising by clicking “Set up your account” and send “sponsor me emails” to your list of potential sponsors.

Here are some other tips on how to raise big donations with your entry.

Corporate Sponsorship — Identify one or several large companies and contact them directly (they may be willing to sponsor you completely). We even have a “team sponsorship proposal” available for you online.
Dress Down Day — This is usually a successful fundraising tool! Ask your company if they will allow those who donate to wear jeans on a designated day (usually Fridays). Send out an email to your staff notifying them. Have everyone pay $5 to dress down and put all of the money towards your fundraising.
Happy Hour Party — Invite all of your friends (and their friends!) to a happy hour party. You can charge per head or just hold a raffle. (It can be cheap raffle items, bottles of wine, movie tics, etc.)
Meet the Press — Does your company distribute a newsletter? Does your company have interoffice email? Take advantage of these! It’s a perfect way to get the word out.
Gym — Ask your gym to place a Pledge Jar at the front desk! Leave a stack of pledge forms at the counter, too.