Gabriella M.

(M stands for Muddy)

I have completed two Mud Runs (and looking forward to number three in November) and I absolutely love the 10K distance, anyone can do the 5K that others offer but the longer distance makes it so much more fun and challenging.

My words of warning are to wear a belt! During my first Mud Run I had mud everywhere and I just about lost my pants coming out of the first mud pit. My other fond memory is I got to blow my nose on the back of my girlfriends shirt — one of my bucket list moments.

But don’t let that scare you. The camaraderie of everyone makes it awesome, people helping each other, encouraging others, really helped. I never felt scared or that the intensity level was too high. Plus there is great staff along the course to give you tips on how to complete each obstacle.

The obstacles were challenging but with patience and will, everyone can do it. I really like the cargo net because you had to know how to do it. My tip is to hold your body close to the net so your body weight doesn’t pull you off.

There are so many things that I love about the Original Mud Run, it is the perfect combo of adventure sports and athleticism. It really captures the boot camp experience and it is cool way for everyone to experience what our military goes through before most of us even eat breakfast!